With Visit To Canyon Condor

ALTERNATIVE CIRCUIT 5D / 4N. Salar de Uyuni.


We think that this particular tour is ideal for those people who like to explore different natural places, wild feel calm nature, the birds, the stillness of the landscape, coloring different lakes, mountains, formations etc.

1 ° Day. Begins at 6:30 am Tupiza, Palapa, Seller, Awanapampa, Cerrillos, 5 mysteries, polulos, San Pablo, San Antonio, San Antonio old ruins or ghost town, lagoon boy morejon Quetena Sleep 1 night 4,200 msnsm

2 ° Day, big Quetena, wetlands. Laguna Hedionda Lagoon Kollpa, chalviry salar de, Therma Polkes salt lagoon, desert lifesaver, Laguna Blanca Laguna Verde, gazebo licancabur volcano Geyser of tomorrow, Laguna Colorada, Kapina laguna, villa 3800 meters sea

3 ° Tues-day Villa, world cup, the petrified camel city perdita Italy, vinto laguna, canyon condor (ride) lagoon birds, rocks valley overnight in the village of ALOTA height 3,600 meters.

4th Day Villa Alota, the anaconda barrel, black lagoon, Ollague viewpoint Chiguana salar, petrified welder, galaxies, cave of the devil, AGUAQUIZA HOTEL DE SAL (overnight) height of 3,600 meters.

5th Day. Moonrise by the Salar de Uyuni, Incahuasi island, gazebo Thunupa volcano, Hotel de Sal (museum) Eyes of salt, salt pyramids, special photos, colchani.cementerio station, visit the city of Uyuni (End of our services Uyuni).


  Really good cars equipped for this road. 4x4 Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol, The guide has a lot of experience working many years have, Specialized driver Good for touring chef cook, 3 meals a day breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks Wine, appertizer., Mineral water and Accommodations

Not included:
- National park 23 USD per pax.
- English GuideUSD 25 for each day
- Ruins 2.2 USD per pax
- Incahuasi island 4.3 USD per pax
- Intrance Thunupa volcanoe 2.3 USD per pax


With Basic acomodations:
Group of 2 pax: USD 528
Group of 3 pax: USD 355.
Group of 4 pax: USD 265.
Group of 5 pax: USD 195.

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